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What it Takes to Make a Great Photograph – Three Elements of DSLR Photography

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As a photographer, your knowledge and confidence in your own photographic ability along with your equipment will work together to make eye-catching images. There are actually three essentials that work together so that you can take better pictures with your DSLR camera.First and foremost is the photographerWhether you care to admit it or not, the photographer is the most important element in the photographic process. Whether using a point and shoot camera, a home made pin-hole camera or the most sophisticated digital SLR, if the person behind the camera is knowledgeable about the features and use of their camera, it will make a huge difference in the outcome. Armed with the simplest of gear, a real photographer can produce amazing photos.Second is the camera.

So many would-be photographers think that if they just get that next level camera, they can take better pictures and their images will improve by leaps and bounds. While this may be true, a really good photographer can shoot award winning images with a phone camera. It’s really all about how you “see” the photo. Yes, being able to manipulate the camera settings is important to the final outcome, but if you don’t have an eye for framing your images and knowing your camera settings, the most expensive, technological DSLR will not help you produce amazing photos.Third is the lens. Do not underestimate the power of the lens.You can’t really take advantage of the fundamentals of photography until you are familiar with the capabilities and power of the DSLR lens that is attached to your camera body.Lenses work very differently than the human brain/eye combination. When you look at a scene, your eye has the ability to focus on the whole scene and take it all in. Your brain processes the information in front of you over a period of seconds or minutes. The lens has only one focal point and an instant of opportunity when the shutter opens briefly to capture the same scene. So the way you apply camera and lens settings is critical to getting the image you are thinking about. Which aperture, which shutter speed, which focal length… these are all components of the final output that will determine your success or failure to get the desired result.As a photographer, you also need the knowledge about what type of lens to use in a certain situation. For instance, will you use a wide angle lens or a macro lens to get the close-up effect you want? Taking the exact same photo with two different types of lenses gets you very different results. In the case mentioned with regard to wide angle versus macro, the macro lens will give you a fairly accurate image of the subject, but if you switch to a wide angle lens, you can achieve a very interesting distortion of the foreground and background to make the image much more artistic. This is just one example of lens differences and knowing what you desire as an outcome.

This is the point at which your photography can become an art form rather than just a journalistic record of your surroundings. Once you have the right knowledge, you can produce amazing photos with much more consistency.


Written by hopkinsherman17

April 18, 2016 at 9:21 pm